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Devastating Loss But...

Many miscues and miscommunication, on pitches and at bats in the World Series.

Harvey pitched very well in Game 5 regardless of the devastating earned runs in the 9th inning. And, again, Familia was not called in a right time at a right place.

Harvey insisted to remain in the 9th inning of the game, obviously after arguing it with Manager Terry Collins. However, he gave up a walk to start the inning, and ended up with giving up a run and a man still on the 2nd base with nobody out. Familia had the next batter an infield grounder which David Wright threw to the 1st base, and Hosmer took a gamble on the throw. Routine play, but it did not happen. 1st baseman Lucas Dude threw wildly to the catcher d'Arnaud on the gamble. Hosmer scored to tie the game.

Mets had several opportunities in offence with 'freebie' walks with nobody out. In each case, they tried to make big, and failed. Lucas Duda took two walks early in the game. However, the next batter, d'Arnaud made two double-play grounders.

Even worse case scenario took place when Mets had the bases loaded with nobody out. Cespedes, notorius to the ineffectiveness during the series, hit himself on the knee at bat, and he continued to swing after the injury. It was obviously hurting, then he weakly flied out to the shortstop. No scores. He should have been replaced at that moment.





... I just stop complaining. We had a very good season this year. Moreover, we will now be able to see our rotation's brilliant future, Harvey, deGrom, and Syndergaard, and guns at bats like Murphy. We will look forward to seeing the Mets next year comeback from this devastating loss in the World Series, and taking the championship.

Thank you, 2015 Mets!! See ya!!!

Mets Roster & Staff


# NameB/THtWtDOB
46 Tyler Clippard R/R 6'3" 200lbs 2/14/85
40 Bartolo Colon R/R 5'11" 285lbs 5/24/73
48 Jacob deGrom L/R 6'4" 180lbs 6/19/88
27 Jeurys Familia R/R 6'3" 240lbs 10/10/89
36 Sean Gilmartin L/L 6'2" 205lbs 5/8/90
33 Matt Harvey R/R 6'4" 215lbs 3/27/89
32 Steven Matz R/L 6'2" 200lbs 5/29/91
49 Jon Niese L/L 6'3" 220lbs 10/27/86
43 Addison Reed L/R 6'4" 230lbs 12/27/88
47 Hansel Robles R/R 5'11" 185lbs 8/13/90
34 Noah Syndergaard L/R 6'6" 240lbs 8/29/92


# NameB/THtWtDOB
7 Travis d'Arnaud R/R 6'2" 210lbs 2/10/89
22 Kevin Plawecki R/R 6'2" 225lbs 2/26/91


# NameB/THtWtDOB
21 Lucas Duda L/R 6'4" 255lbs 2/3/86
4 Wilmer Flores R/R 6'3" 205lbs 8/6/91
55 Kelly Johnson L/R 6'1" 195lbs 2/22/82
28 Daniel Murphy L/R 6'1" 215lbs 4/1/85
2 Juan Uribe R/R 6'0" 245lbs 3/22/79
5 David Wright R/R 6'0" 205lbs 12/20/82


# NameB/THtWtDOB
52 Yoenis Cespedes R/R 5'10" 210lbs 10/18/85
30 Michael Conforto L/R 6'1" 215lbs 3/1/93
23 Michael Cuddyer R/R 6'2" 220lbs 3/27/79
3 Curtis Granderson L/R 6'1" 200lbs 3/16/81
12 Juan Lagares R/R 6'1" 215lbs 3/17/89
9 Kirk Nieuwenhuis L/R 6'3" 225lbs 8/7/87